Epithalamine stops the aging and even a rejuvenation of 10-20% of your age. It strengthens all organs and all vital systems thus ensuring a permanent good health.

Each customer earns a commission.

Introduction to the pineal gland or epiphysis

sj-about-1The pineal gland is the master endocrine gland of the body. By injecting blood transportation hormones, enzymes and vitamins, it controls all the other glands and all body organs.

The pineal gland is your internal and biological watch, that helps your body to fit into the natural rhythms of environment where he lives. It tells us when to sleep (even if we do not obey him), how to adapt to seasonal changes, when puberty begins, etc. External aspects such as temperature and light as well as internal messages such as emotions and suffering guide the pineal gland to accomplish its role of bio-regulator.

In order to survive the cyclical variations of the environment, organisms on the planet need mechanisms not only to detect changes in the environment where they live, but also to anticipate them. In absence of an explicit key from the environment, they need an internal signal on changes that appear to be able to make timely adaptive changes in biology and organism. The pineal gland is the extremely thin sensor specialized in detecting these changes and able to initiate the necessary physiological adjustments.

This is our ultimate bio-regulator.



Pure Epithalamium stimulates the pineal gland




sj-mlm-1Cooperative Marketing is a sharing of profits by a company with its customers through commissions.

In our case, this is to enable the greatest number access to this wonderful product that is the pure epithalamine (EP), and those who wish to create an income.

Every person who registers can have 3 direct referrals that can have themselves 3 godchildren, etc ..

  • sj-mlm-2

    Which gives 3 downline godchildren first generation, second generation 9, 27 for the third, 81 fourth, fifth 243, sixth 729.
    Everyone is paid 6 generations representing a total potential of 1092 people.
    The commission rates are :
    20% 1st generation, 2nd 12%, 9% on the third,
    6% on the 4th, 5th 3% and 1% on the 6th.
    Everyone can be part of the network for the amount he wants depending on his monthly requirement for EP or :


AgeMonthly quantityMonthly price
less than 35 years 60 mg or 30 tablets (1 per day)200$
35-45 years 120 mg or 60 tablets (2 per day)400$
45-55 years 180 mg or 90 tablets (3 per day)600$
55-65 years240 mg or 120 tablets (4 per day)800$
65-75 years300 mg or 150 tablets (5 per day)1000$
75-85 years 360 mg or 180 tablets (6 per day)1200$
plus de 85 years 420 mg or 210 tablets (7 per day)1400$
quick recovery at any age 480 mg or 240 tablets (8 per day)1600$
Dosages recommended by age groups.
Quantities should be weighted by the human condition: it is always possible to take an amount corresponding to a higher age group.
For those who can not order from the beginning the amount corresponding to their age,
it is possible to enroll in the age group under 35 to $ 200
and to increase it thereafter with the help of commissions received.

Shipping fees are not included in the rates listed above.

View shipping costs

Potential network example of a person who registers

Considering for example that all purchases are $ 400.
The numbers of referrals and gains are potential.
Generation% Commission per
Value Number of referralsgain in
generation as %
120%80$3 people60%240$
212%48$9 people108%432$
39%36$27 people243%972$
46%24$81 people486%1944$
53%12$243 people729%2916$
61%4$729 people729%2916$
           Total:1092 people          Total:9420$

Example: a 40-year registered person to receive 60 tablets (or 120mg) per month:
All his descendants take the same amount;
all paying $ 400 per month.sj-mlm-4
The person has 3 referrals in the first generation and 4 in the second.
She will receive an income (3×20% / 400 + 4×12% / 400 = 432) $ 432.

Note that just 7 referrals are necessary to cover the amount paid monthly (3×20% + 4×12% = 108%). Above 6 descendants, we have  earnings and compensation potential is about 1092 people.
This can be a very nice additional income

Your entry in network marketing only commit you to self-finance Pure Epithalamine.





Your good health is our satisfaction



What are saying our customers

EPITHALAMINE is the best investment for your health

  • I take the Epitalon for 4 months and I’m in great shape for the past two months, my hair was white and they resumed their color ..

    - Pierre H. -
  • MLM amateur for several years, I have “jumped” on Epitalon! I am a physiotherapist and I do 4 or 5 massages per day … it was exhausting.
    I am 54 years old and when I get home at night, I am now in good shape.

    - Leon S. -
  • I take Epitalon for 1 month. The observed changes are amazing! I am 80 years old, my physical activity and good humor returned and now my libido is back, I hope it will last much longer!.

    - Alain B. -


Frequently Asked Questions

PE =Pure Epithalamine                                                                              PG = Pineal Gland or epiphysis

How long does it have to ensure that downline commissions reimburse our purchase?

If your referrals have the same amount that you purchase, 3 referrals will provide you commissions up to 60% of your purchase, and 6 referrals will give you a full refund. 6 above, you will be beneficiary.


Is it possible to gain PE outside this site?

Yes, we sell the PE in lyophilized form on our site www.epitalon-sante.com website; the base price is the same.
There is a sliding scale of 10%, but no commission.

Why do I need to give a proof of age and address ?

To prove at every moment to the administration that our act is commercial, we sell a product matching their needs with real people, in order that our mlm not be likened to illegal pyramid selling .

Is the indicated dosage mandatory?

YES . First lower amounts would be less effective, or could even be totally ineffective.
Then, in case interested buy small quantities not corresponding to their age or their needs,
it would be considered that they are registered in the network only order to earn commissions;
Their payments would correspond to the contributions which would make illegal our network marketing.

What is the legality of this system of selling?

Our network marketing is legal. It would not be if there were no commercial transaction by the supply of a product.
For example, in a pyramid scheme, people pay a periodic fee and are paid by commissions on contributions made by the people recruited. There are no commercial act and this system is illegal.
In Sanjouvence network, we sell a product that our customers buy and it is completely legal to remunerate sales made to customers they bring, and are called referrals.

How does work the network marketing or multi-level, said MLM (multi-level-marketing)?

You buy a product online through registration in a network, allowing you to earn commissions on sales made to your descendants in the network. Sanjouvence is a 3×6 matrix type, ie each person has 3 godchildren and is paid 6 generations.

Are there any cons-indications to the PE decision?

NO there are no cons-indication. The PE is a natural product with no toxicity and whose action is indirect.
It stimulates the GP which secretes many vital substances (hormones, vitamins, enzymes) whose télomerase, the enzyme that stops the aging reconstructing chromosomes whose ends (telomeres) are worn by many cellular reproduction, and thus the renovated cells.
HOWEVER PE causes such reinforcement (sometimes violent) of the immune system it is better to be careful in case of autoimmune disease; in this case please contact us.

How quickly you feel the effects of the PE?

This delay varies from one person to another. A person in poor health (or ill or convalescent) but with the pineal gland “in good condition”, ie slightly calcified and calcified, will feel the immediate effects. As against a person healthy or not but the GP is calcified will be more late effects, the delay can take up to five months (given our statistics with 2 years of decline).

What is the principle of operation of the PE?

The tablets of PE melt under the tongue and the PE enters the bloodstream via the path of the salivary glands, thus achieving the epiphysis. The PE stimulates this gland whose activity is slowing from the age of 40, after having scaled since the end of the growth process.
It starts to produce all vital substances (hormones, enzymes, vitamins) which are necessary and in particular telomerase, the enzyme that reconstructs worn telomeres, thus renewing all the cells of the body; which is to renovate all the organs and consequently strengthen all the vital systems: immune, respiratory, circulatory, digestive, hormonal, nervous, etc …

The PE is a natural product?

YES, the PE molecule consists of 4 amino acids from different plant extracts; So it is natural and Vegan.

In which form does PE comes?

We sell PE in tablets, as developed in early 2015 and tested for 8 months.

Since when does PE exists?

The PE was invented in 1991 by Professor Khavinson (St Petersburg Gerontology Unit), but it was only after 2009 years that researcher E. Blackburn discovered telomerase (which earned him the Nobel prize Biology medical in 2009) that the product has been authorized for sale to the public. Until then, it was restricted to hospitals and scientific and medical universities in the world.
The PE is on the market since January 2013. Since we sell in its lyophilized form.

Is this product a drug?

NO, it is a dietary supplement over the counter. It is not adopted by the pharmaceutical industry, and for good reason, but it is nonetheless increasingly prescribed by doctors who lean towards non-toxic natural products, often accompanying a treatment or prevention.

What is the origin of the product?

Epithalamine The molecule was discovered in 1991 by Professor Khavinson, director of the research department at St Petersburg gerontology unit.
His genius was to bring together in a single molecule the 4 amino acids GLU-ALA-GLY-ASP.
Only in this way they effectively stimulate the pineal gland.
Since then, scientists and medical units around the world have benefited provided by our laboratory which gives us a great product experience. However, the product could not be placed on the market because it was not getting administrative approvals being given that its operation remained unexplained.
Only after the discovery of telomerase in 2009 by Professor Elizabeth Blackburn, the product has been authorized.
Our laboratory has Epitalon placed on the market in January 2013, after 3 years of implementation of adequate structures and notament the production unit in Hong Kong.
This product is Epitalon we sell in lyophilized form which must be added to distilled water. The purity of the resulting product was 100%.
At the request of many customers who wanted to avoid this manipulation not always easy for the elderly, the company created a subsidiary that uses the same infrastructure to produce pelletized Epitalon Epithalamine called Pure (EP) to differentiate.
To give access to this product to as many people, we have created a commercial company that broadcasts the EP in network marketing on this site.



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