The action of pure Epithalamine (PE) on the body is indirect.

The principle :

This peptide stimulates the pineal gland (or epiphysis) that is going to be decalcified and get back to produce at optimum levels substances that allow it to control all the endocrine glands and bodies: vitamins, hormones, enzymes.

sj-sante-1This is particularly melatonin which strengthens and restores immune foolproof system, but also a particular enzyme “telomerase” which has the property to reconstruct telomeres (ie chromosomes end caps) worn by the time to each cell reproduction.


Telomerase is sent by blood transport from the pineal gland to all cells of the body without exception, more than 100000 billion cells.

This restoration of telomeres to their original length is a renovation of chromosomes, thus the cells, therefore the organs, so the whole body.

It is magic, and it is wonderfully natural.

All renovated organs are all vital systems

— Immune, circulatory, nervous, respiratory, digestive, lymphatic, etc. …—

They are strengthened and work much better if not perfectly.

Telomere reconstruction work begins with the first PE taken.

However, because of the astronomical number of cells that are renovated, the first benefits are felt after a few weeks or few months of treatment; this depending on the individual.

By strengthening the body, the PE has a preventive effect to disease, mainly by avoiding those related to age, since by definition the renovated organs are not affected by

diseases that are due to their own shortcomings.

The PE has a restorative effect after illness or surgery.

sj-sante-3It is recognized that this type of trauma impacts aging. Telomeres wear all of a sudden, the cells die and disappear abruptly and organs are aging. This is called commonly “take a shot of old”.

PE prevents this: telomerase will “unravel” telomeres (hence its name), and firstly the sudden aging will not happen and the other recovery times will be shorter.

The PE has a therapeutic purpose.

In all cases of benign disease, strengthening the immune system is enough to stop the disease. In case of more serious disease, PE associated with a medical treatment gives very significant results, including certain cancers, and except for certain autoimmune diseases (but positive in case of fibromyalgia). We have serious illnesses healing testimonies with PE, vitamins and other natural products. The PE has a bio-regulating effect because the pineal gland reacts to the body’s needs.

For a good health, “Pure Epithalamine”