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The pineal gland or epiphysis is at the geometric center of the brain. It is hollow and filled with a fluid containing apatite crystals having a property of capturing the electromagnetic fields and emit light (piézoluminescence).

This is our powerful personal transceiver.

The pineal gland is a small endocrine gland (based on Encyclopedia “to secretory and sensory functions”) which secretes melatonin and plays through it a central role in regulating the biological rhythm. The shape of a pinecone and considered by many as the most important part of our nervous system, the pineal gland acts as a spiritual transceiver more commonly known as the third eye allowing us to achieve levels of consciousness more high. Egyptian, Descartes, Plato or Pythagoras and many others saw it as the seat of the soul. We do not speak here of Beyond the Universe but which man belongs, not supernatural powers, but supra-sensory and spiritual faculties. The Taoists say that the pineal gland is located in the Place de Cristal, an area within the brain that contains the pituitary gland (pituitary), hypothalamus, thalamus and pineal gland (epiphysis). They are convinced that when these glands operate at their optimum level, the substances that they produce (hormones and neurotransmitters) support the expansion of consciousness and allow access to paradise parallel worlds that exist beyond the physical reality.



When the pineal gland functions smoothly, this gives the being a state of well-being, inner balance, trend towards spirituality and a solar attitude. When this endocrine gland is not functioning smoothly or is blocked, the attachment to the material world and the fear of death appear exaggerated.


In 1988, the researcher Heart Vaul discovered that the pineal gland was a sensory organ which converted the magnetic wave in neurochemistry.

Sensor waves from the universe, it coordinate our biorhythms with the frequencies coming from the planets. It is the only organ in the body to enable communication with the Universe and access to other dimensions.

The scientists found that, like an antenna, the pineal gland was capable of capturing electromagnetic radiation of the Moon, electromagnetic radiation coming from the sun, and even arouse the production of certain neurotransmitter substances that stimulate physical and mental activity.

The pineal gland is capable of capturing electromagnetic fields not only of this dimension in which we live, which is the third, but also other dimensions of the universe, providing access to spiritual and subtle fields.

According superstring theory, in the context of quantum physics, there would be no less than 11 different dimensions in the universe, and a communication between them is possible.

In other words, the pineal gland is able to detect invisible dimensions to ordinary eyes, and this little radar is the key phenomena such as clairvoyance (events not yet befallen clairvoyance), telepathy (communication by thinking) and the ability to contact other dimensions (farsightedness) and other qualities Yoshua Ben Yosef was already provided 2,000 years ago.


Thinking that it would be our brain that produces thought, would be the same as believing that actors live inside our television. Today, the brain is compared to a computer. The problem is that there is no computer that produces its own program: the program is produced by another being, the programmer who installs the program in the computer. Also, thought, imagination, can not be born inside the brain that can only come from the outside and be installed in the brain. It is a matter of formal logic, computer reasoning. John P. Rose, of the University of Oxford, says that the human being is a biological, psychological and spiritual.



According to Gödel’s theorem, a system may not be able to express an awareness of itself,

Access of the human being to supra-sensory and spiritual faculties is done by connecting to the universe of this exceptional body that is the pineal gland. It communicates with the universe that “does the job” instantly depending on what is asked.

This is nothing less than natural mechanism that will move humanity to the spiritual era.

We are currently in this shift that involves cleaning (or scaling) and stimulating the pineal.



In terms of cleaning, it is made difficult by the pollution around us such as air, as food by pesticides, or water by fluorine.

However, stimulation of the pineal facilitates its descaling as it would be easier to decalcify a hinge moving rather than static.

Taking PE, whose action is straightforward because the blood brings it directly in the pineal gland, which is possible since it is outside the brain, and therefore is irrigated as any organ (it’s also the one who receives the largest influx blood after the kidneys), stimulates the pineal quickly and as a whole by enabling any office. It thus appears as the best stimulants.

Furthermore, even if they do not feel concerned with the protection of health and rejuvenation, the younger generations can use Epithalamine in order to develop their spiritual faculties.

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