Epithalamine pure causes the secretion of telomerase, an enzyme that rebuilds telomeres and thus stops the aging.

It operates scaling (or decalcification) of the pineal gland gradually over several months.

sj-antiage-1From the first days of taking Pure Epithalamine (PE) it starts to produce telomerase, what it was in its infancy.

Throughout our lives, our cells are renewed at a rate that varies according to organs.

A permanent renewal that use chromosomes.

The papillae cells are renewed every 10 days and the cells of smell every 3 months. The first signs of Alzheimer and Parkinson diseases are progressive loss of taste and smell.
The cells of the esophagus are renewed every week.
Stomach cells, for the manufacture gastric acid for the second phase of digestion, after that started in saliva, have a good shelf life. It can reach one year.
Liver magic! Liver cells, called hepatocytes, are renewed regularly, but have a lifespan much longer than red or white blood cells. They can live up to one year, and even up to 500 days. The liver is able to regenerate;
it was observed on liver having undergone 80% ablation that it had returned to normal size after 6 months.
Pancreas amazing! Pancreatic cells also renew. Indeed, after a mild acute inflammation of the pancreas, there is a restitution ad integrum of showing its regenerative capacity structure.
The gut: the coach and principal keeper! The cells of the small intestine (enterocytes) are renewed very quickly, all 2-5 days. Every minute, one million cells are renewed. Other intestinal cells, called Paneth cells, responsible for responding to bacterial antigens present in the digestive tract have a life of twenty days.
The power generator of intestinal cells is a specific amino acid: glutamine.
No wonder it is present in our molecule EP.
The colon, waste laboratory. The cells of the colon, or colocytes colonocytes are renewed every 4-6 days.
Even our prostate is subject to renewal! Normal prostate cells have a lifetime of approximately 2 to 3 months.
The skin cells have a life of only 28 days.
We can win or lose neurons. Brain cells are fortunately also renewed. From the age of 20, we lose 20 000-30 000 neurons every day. ” This is exactly what we observe in man or woman whose nervous system memory is not enabled: olfactory memory (smell of flowers: offer mostly organic roses to your partner) and gustatory memory especially when we forget to stimulate our palate flavors swallowing food like animals, chewing the very least.
Television anesthesia neurons and accelerates their demise by activating our memory against our senses and intellect can regain neurons. We can therefore win neurons without television and with regular mental gymnastics.
Bone cells 10 years in 10 years! They are of two types: osteoblasts and osteocytes. The first build bone matrix. Mineralization takes an average of 10 to 20 days. Osteoblasts are destined to become osteocytes, which are capable of dividing. Their lifespan is 10 years.
sj-antiage-3My heart is younger than me, the heart cells are called cardiomyocytes. They represent 20% of heart cells. Amazing but true, the heart muscle that runs every second blood to the head and feet, and recovers in the same second, is able to manufacture new cells. During a lifetime, nearly 50% of our heart cells are replaced. We even know that it is 1% per year from 25 years, reaching 0.5% at 75 years.
The only drawback (and which is of size), is that each cell renewal, the telomere (which is the chromosome protective cap) is worn and shortens. This is the principle of cell aging; when the telomere is completely eaten away, the cell dies.


Which leads to the atrophy of organs and of the whole body.

This is where the pure Epithalamine comes, by inducing secretion of telomerase by the pineal gland, the enzyme which reconstructs telomeres and thus stops the aging.

All organs are renovated, hair and fur reinforce and regain their color, wrinkles fade, the senses are sharpened, the need of glasses for near (called grandfather glasses) is deleted in 95% of cases. ..

To stop aging, “Pure Epithalamine” !