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Cooperative marketing the (also called network marketing, Relational Marketing) is a form of marketing that can be sent directly to the consumer without intermediaries and without the huge cost of advertising a product or service through of a network of independent distributors.
The person who joins the network will hereinafter be referred to as either the participant, distributor, customer, or interested party.
To reward these distributors, the company uses a “marketing plan” cooperative that will pay them not only on their personal sales but also the sales made by their downline referrals or granted by the company. For the distributor, this is the opportunity to earn extra money and to finance its purchase of Epitalon, without limitation, neither digital nor geographical. And this in the biggest legality, since distributor “really sells” a product, “generates a turnover” and “pay taxes” on fees it collects, as any merchant or entrepreneur who respectable. The major reason that explains both its dynamism and attractiveness comes from the fact that it meets a lifestyle increasingly coveted, and more offer everyone opportunities to expand without limits, economic opportunities and freedom of time that can be devoted to his family and loved ones, which are less and less in the traditional business. This is the type of business that can develop through their daily activities, despite a busy schedule. What is even more interesting in cooperative marketing is that the results will be proportional to the effort invested. In addition, it strengthens and increases residual income (or recurring) as and as the number of independent distributors and customers grows in the team. For the retailer, it has the following advantages:

• Freedom to make its own decisions
• Stable main or supplementary income
• Very low operating costs
• Out of stock
• Equal opportunity for all partners
• Flexibility of working time
• Low investment in your purchase
• Expandable internationally
• Fulfilment of personality
• Long-term insured Revenues
• Independence.

The multi-level marketing offers the possibility, according to your personal qualities, to achieve your goals. Thus, you can create beautiful “sided” or main income that can even help you gain financial independence. In our case it is, in a first time and for the most part to access a costly product
This is a new concept that allows to remunerate all members of the network, including those who are unable to sponsor! A quick and simple process, a high-performance compensation plan.
Network marketing (or Relational Marketing) will allow you to escape the trap “long money” traditional activities. Thanks to the power of duplication and the magic of leverage, network marketing can change your life! In France, the Relational Marketing is sometimes wrongly confused with pyramid scams with which it has nothing to do. While this is a perfectly LEGAL activity. The “Network Marketing” (or Relational Marketing) is the activity with strong potential (that of the mouth ears) of selling a product or service and recruit distributors (referrals) who in turn sell and recruit referrals. The system allows Sanjouvence to earn commissions not only on its own sales but also on those of his godchildren godchildren and his godchildren, 6 levels.
Network Marketing (or Relational Marketing), has nothing to do with illegal pyramid activities. It is a completely legal activity, an industry of over $ 90 billion globally. Thanks to the magic of leverage, network marketing has already saved millions of people from the stress of traditional activities. In our network, no need to be a professional to succeed. You present products or services and a business opportunity. You will propose our épithalamine your relationships. Our Network Marketing is not sales, is relational. The opportunity to create an additional income can change your life!


Network marketing (or Relational Marketing) has nothing to do with the pyramid with which it is sometimes confused. In Relational Marketing, we sell real products and services and is never paid on recruitment but only on its turnover and that of his godchildren. Relational Marketing is an activity entirely legal regulated by the Federation of Direct Selling (FVD) … Network marketing (or sales multi level) is sometimes confused with the sale of pyramid-type (also called ” sale at the ball Snow ”) which is illegal in France and in most countries. But network marketing (or Relational Marketing) has nothing to do with this kind of scam. In the pyramid, there is actually no product to sell. The profit comes mainly from the recruitment of new members; Each person pays an entrance fee and recruiters receive a commission on these admissions. In network marketing, we sell real products and services. On the other hand, there is no entrance fee to pay. Finally, fundamental difference, the recruitment distributor is never paid. We make money on our turnover and that of our distributors downline. However we must be able to prove to the authorities that we sell a real product that meets a real need. This is why each part must provide proof of identity and proof of residence, and also register for the amount of product required according to age (see Table Site).

To facilitate its integration into the network, the interested may register by ordering a quantity of product corresponding to a lower age group (downgrade notwithstanding) and will have four months to rectify the situation by controlling the legal amount of product at his age; from the fifth payment, the appropriate amount will be required. Furthermore, in this case of decommissioning, when the amount of commissions exceeds that of the purchase, upgrade to a slice above is automatic.

An individual may in no case enter 2 times in the same network with two different email addresses; would qualify this transaction by its purchase of interest and would be qualified as pyramidal fraud. The applicant would be expelled from the network. Respect these constraints is essential to the legality of our sales system.


True happiness is to have time to enjoy the money you win and can do what we want when we want, and that happiness, paid employment will bring to us never. To understand how to reach it, just analyze what allowed the real to become rich. What is their secret? It’s simple: it’s the magic of leverage! Use of leverage is to move from a linear growth to exponential revenue growth. The stock market, franchising, management of large groups can achieve this result, but it is not within the reach of everyone. Network marketing (Relational Marketing) is a simple and inexpensive concept through which everyone can use leverage and good living! The lever comes from the Latin word “levare” which means ‘make light’. Archimedes said that with a fixed point, a lever and a force ” however weak it was … it would stir the world. ” It is the leverage that exits the time-money trap, it was he who allowed the rich to become, to a linear growth to exponential revenue growth. Here, you can finance your Epitalon and more if you wish. There is no other investment to make that purchase your Epitalon to enter the network and enjoy the self-financing potential.

STI STATUS (Seller Therapists Independent) and TAXATION

Many networkers are network marketing without legal status, including on the Internet. Others begin without status and regulate their situation when their turnover is significant. For tax purposes you will assujeti (e) to the BNC as VDI-mandataire.Le status of VDI (Vendor Independent Therapists) is perfectly suited for someone just starting in the business, or who performs as casual in addition to its main business. It is an independent status that allows you to benefit from a clear social and legal system without having to start a business. This is a hybrid status: you are independent from a legal and fiscal point of view, but socially you are attached (e) the general security scheme sociale.De more you are exempt (e) the registration requirement for a professional register (register of commercial agents, the Commercial Register …) below an annual turnover that represents 50% of the annual ceiling of social security, or about € 16,000 . Beyond that amount, you are required (e) you inscrire.Sur tax purposes, VDI agent status means that you sell products on behalf of the réseautrice company that pays you on commission. In which case your tax status will be that of non-commercial Profits (BNC). The commissions that you will receive on your sales dealer network will be reportable BNC.


Your membership to the network is via purchase. The act of buying épithalamine automatically within the network Sanjouvence legally.
The person can not register to a quantity of EP did not correspond to her age, due to compliance with legislation. By cons if the person unsubscribes and stops paying it out of the network and will no longer receive commissions. In the event of a re-registration, it will not find in the network, the position he previously occupied; he will again be an offspring of referrals, as its first entry. However, it will randomly referrals ie new registered offspring, through the company’s marketing.
Buying EP is true “duty” and it is not for the company to collect VAT (for France Article 283-1 of the General Tax Code); of its payment is by the person concerned following the regulations in force in his country.
The applicant undertakes to convey a good and prestigious corporate image Sanjouvence related to the quality and effectiveness of épithalamine it purchases, subject to exclusion of the network and prosecution.
The applicant accepts and adheres commissionnements according to the following matrix: each person has three direct referrals and is commissioned six generations of his descendants. The commission is calculated on the amount of purchase of the mentee; one notices that may vary from a godson to another. The first generation (three godchildren) the commission is 20% on the second (new referrals) 12% on the third (27 referrals) 9% on the fourth (81 referrals) 6% on the fifth ( 243 downline) 3%, and the sixth (729 downline) 1%. This represents a total potential of 1,092 descendants. However the company  reserves the possibility to modify this matrix by removing or adding lines (generations) of commission, or changing the rate of commissions, or other change needed in terms of its management requirements and contingencies.

When the commissions exceed the purchase amount, the difference is paid to the customer. It is his gain, though it is not paid back if the customer buys the product quantity corresponding to its age group. It is recalled that decommissioning is a facility granted to the applicant so that he can join the network and it has 4 months to rectify the situation. However if the amount of its committees excess of its purchase, the reclassification of a class is automatic.

For reasons of international trade practice, transactions are done in dollars. However, this currency could be replaced in the case of an economic disequilibrium that would make it difficult to use.

Upon accession made by purchase, the person will receive a link that will allow it to include referrals under his sponsorship. It will be shipped tablets épithalamine pure he has paid, and so it will be each month on the same date: payment by the payment platform or Bank-transfer and receiving tablets. At that same date it will be sent on payment of commissions on sales for the past month. It will follow its sales on its Back Office. Moreover, the company does not provide other promotional or marketing materials that the site sanjouvence.com.
The applicant has no professional connection. Therefore, it is vendor independent home, free of tax rules, objectives or schedule regularity. There is no hierarchical relationship and therefore can work at the pace he wants. However, it must ensure compliance with the name and picture of Sanjouvence.
It can not in any way act or sign a document to company name; it sponsors its descendants who engages directly facing Sanjouvence.
It will remain responsible for his username and password and can not incriminate the company in case of usurpation of these by one third.
Furthermore it may leave the network at any time by preventing us by email and by stopping its payments; leaving the network will be effective maturity Last month he will not be paid and in this case claim any commission on sales made after that date. His godchildren have been automatically assigned to his godfather. Similarly in case of withdrawal of one of his godchildren, it will retrieve the descendants of it. As against its position in the network is not transferable and the person can not sell his place. It may use the trade name, the brand and the brand Sanjouvence solely and exclusively with regard to the products and services that are the subject of the company’s activities. He agrees to receive all communications via e-mail and said that they can be used for any legal purpose.

The applicant finally obliged to respect and convey ethics Sanjouvence, linked to the delicate area of life, longevity and health.

Return Policy

Merchandise returns are subject to authorization and must be sent to
Mr. ANDRE, The Impasse Laudier, 07110 – Chazeaux, France.
Any return not authorized beforehand will not be taken into account.

Data Protection and Privacy Policy

The personal information given during registration is confidential;
they will not be disclosed and will be used only for the proper management of this site.